Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keep Money on Health Insurance

Purchasing health insurance has become the top priority in ones' financial planning. More and more people are concerned about health insurance as the medical cost is growing and it has become unaffordable for many people.

As a result, in order to reduce the financial burden on obtaining health insurance, many people start looking for ways to keep money on this medical insurance. One of the most cost-saving ways is to look for catastrophic health coverage. It is the cheapest among all types of health plans which covers major medical and hospital expenses.

It is also a high deductible health plan which is ideal for "catastrophic" incidents that would incur extremely high medical fee. Higher deductible can help you to save a lot on monthly premiums. You can also participate in your employer's medical insurance plan. In general, most of the employers direct a large volume of businesses to the insurance companies and they generally stand a better position to negotiate more favorable rates on medical coverage. You are able to save more money by joining the employer's plan if compared with getting individual health policy directly from the insurer.

However, some employers don't offer the best deal on health coverage for employees. As a result, we have to take our own effort to search around to look for private health policy that is more affordable for you. Besides, setting up a health saving account is another good choice to save money for the common medical needs. There are many benefits of having this account as it is tax free and the fund can be fully withdrawn when the account holder has reached the age of 65 years old. Furthermore, the accumulated fund can be withdrawn to pay for all types of medical expenses.

Last but not the least, there are some practices you can try in order to save your money. If possible, you can avoid from obtaining services from emergency room as the fee is always much higher than regular doctor visit. At the same time, instead of going for hospital, you can consider visiting the health clinics which offer low cost prescriptions. It is an effort of cutting cost to save more money for other purpose.